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Here at Dwelling Places (DP) we undertake 'street outreaches' throughout the year. Our teams go out to build relationships with children on the streets, gain trust and asses the situations to conduct appropriate care and support for them. From here they may be taken into one of our Transitional Rehabilitation Homes (TRH), where we look after them medically, educationally, emotionally and spiritually. We then set out looking for their family, relatives or a foster family for them. Once a family has been found and they have been resettled, the children at DP are then introduced into the Sponsorship Programme. Your sponsorship provides the opportunity for a child to develop academically, socially, physically and spiritually. The child has access to Dwelling Places' services and is visited by Social Workers who monitor the child's progress. Our sponsorship categories are:


Please sign up and fill in this form below if you are becoming a new sponsor, this enables us to claim gift aid, contact you with updates on Dwelling Places and also send you letters from your sponsored child twice a year! Thank you.



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Housing sponsorship helps cover the children's families rent, bills and upkeep of the house. This makes sure our children will always have an adequate roof over their head and place to call home. If you would like to sponsor a child’s housing please click the button below to easily set up a direct debit.



Food sponsorship gives money to the child's family, foster family, or to the boarding school where a DP child lives. Covering all food needs for them that month and make sure they can fully focus in school.. If you would like to sponsor a child’s food please click the button below to easily set up a direct debit.



Education sponsorship covers all school fees, tuition and uniform each month to make sure our children are able to help themselves create a better future and gain great skills for adult life. If you would like to sponsor a child’s education please click the button below to easily set up a direct debit.

Medical Social


Medical and Social Welfare sponsorship covers all health needs for the children. Any doctors visits or medicines as well as visits and check ups from our social workers to make sure family life is running well. If you would like to sponsor a child’s medical and social welfare please click the button below to easily set up a direct debit.

We also have the option below to fully cover a child’s sponsorship to make sure all their housing, food, educational and medical needs are covered.

These prices include an admin fee of £2 a month on full sponsorship and £1 a month on single categories. This helps support our work here in the UK and cover costs. If you would like to take the optional admin cost out, please email us at for a new link. Or if you would like to sponsor 2 or 3 categories please email us also for the new amount. Thank you so much for your interest and support.

If you are in Africa and are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact Jessica Abenakyo on

Or if you are based in the UK or the rest of the world, please contact Saffron Ahmed at Dwelling Places UK on

Please note that Dwelling Places holds your privacy in the highest possible regard, Any personal data we hold is processed and stored in adherence to EU regulations. You can view our data protection and privacy policy here