Dwelling Places UK

Set up in 2007 as a registered charity, Dwelling Places UK is based in Glasgow, Scotland. This partner-charity supports the ongoing grassroots work in Uganda.  There are 3 main aims of Dwelling Places UK:

  • To raise awareness in the UK about the plight of street children in Uganda and the work of Dwelling Places
  • To be a financial resource to the objectives of Dwelling Places
  • To encourage and equip volunteers from the UK to serve both in Uganda and in the UK

Scottish Registered Charity number: SC039761.

Dwelling Places UK is governed by a Board of Trustees, which consists of six members:

  • Valerie McCluskey - Chairperson
  • Jonny McCluskey - Treasurer
  • Jan Blackie - Trustee
  • Robert Robinson - Trustee
  • Hannah Rogers - Secretary
  • James Piper - Trustee

DP UK employs two wonderful part-time staff members who manage the day to day workload. Dwelling Places UK is run from an office within The ARK Shop. The ARK is a lovely card and gift shop run by volunteers from Hillington Park Church, with all profits supporting the work of Dwelling Places in Uganda.

uk staff.jpg

Katie Smith (left)

Katie is the UK Administrator for Dwelling Places UK. She works from the ARK Shop, two days each week (usually Monday and Wednesday). Her main roles include child and staff sponsorship, donor communication, finance and social media. Katie has been with Dwelling Places UK since January 2013.

Contact Katie at: office@dwellingplaces.org.uk

Or: childsponsorship@dwellingplaces.org.uk

Lauren elliott (right)

Lauren joined Dwelling Places UK in November 2016, fresh from finishing a Masters in Human Geography at Glasgow University. She splits her hours across a few days, usually Monday, Tuesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday afternoon. Her main job responsibilities include volunteers going to Uganda, volunteers serving here in the UK, the International Day for Street Children, and helping to create and distribute Snapshot.

Contact Lauren at: admin@dwellingplaces.org.uk

Both ladies work on grant applications, rolling out marketing/ fundraising campaigns and attending speaking engagements, amongst a variety of other tasks!


What DOES Dwelling Places UK do:

Fundraising: Through events, penny boxes, grant application and supporting Ugandan fundraising campaigns

Child Sponsorship: We manage the Child Sponsorship Program for the UK, as well as staff sponsorship

Advocacy: We attend speaking engagements at churches, schools and different groups and events, spreading the word about Dwelling Places and Dwelling Places UK

Volunteers: We co-ordinate volunteers and visitors from the UK who are going to Uganda.  We also assist UK based volunteers to support Dwelling Places through their own initiatives.


If you would like more information on Dwelling Places UK or to get involved, please contact Lauren or Katie.


Download the DP UK Brochure



contact us

Dwelling Places UK
c/o The Ark Shop
1484 Paisley Road West
G52 1SP

0141 882 2662

admin@dwellingplaces.org.uk / office@dwellingplaces.org.uk / childsponsorship@dwellingplaces.org.uk