At Dwelling Places we take part in a number of events every single year; all of which raise our profile locally and internationally. These events aim to highlight the plight of street children amongst the media, government and local people. Some of these events include:

12th April: International Day for Street Children

28th May: World Hunger Day

16th June: Day of the African Child


2016 at a glance:

International Day for Street Children (IDSC)

Our volunteers across the world join with us on this day to hold fundraising and awareness building events. This year in Uganda we joined with other like minded organisations and marched through Kampala, raising awareness with the local authorities. 

Dwelling Places UK developed packs for use with children and young people, and this video for sharing information on Dwelling Places and the importance of the IDSC. You'll find all of this on our 'Resources' page.


Dwelling Places Uganda AGM

The AGM took place on Saturday 23rd April at the Transitional Rehabilitation Home, Mutundwe. Over 52 people attended to hear about the work of Dwelling Places and the progress made over the last 12 months.

Click here to download a copy of our annual report.


Events highlight

Our biggest event from 2015 was the Journey of Hope  - find out more here. This event was so successful in terms of fundraising and media attention that we plan to hold it every two years.

In 2016 the campaign saw 71 selected community members within Napak including 16 district and sub county councilors, 8 sub county speakers, 17 "boda boda" (Motorcycle) riders, 7 bus and taxi drivers, 4 buspark operators, 8 policemen responsible for children and family protection at the sub county levels, 6 Community Development Officers, 1 Inspector of schools from the district and 4 representatives from 2 partner organisations (Katakwi Children's Voice and International Organisation for Cooperation and Development) make a commitment to protect all children within their communities and Napak District as a whole from child trafficking and unsafe migration, and to report all suspected or actual cases thereof to the relevant authorities.

Since this training, over 34 children have been intercepted by these community leaders and members and succesfully returned to their communities, after a brief rehabilitation and with a small reintergration package to boost their economic potential. Also at least 2 traffickers were remanded by the Napak District police and sentenced to one year each in prison.

Journey of Hope 2017, The walk is here! Contact our Public Relations Team on if you would like to take part.