Hilda’s Home

Hi, I’m Annabel and I live in Cambridge with my husband, Andrew. We have four grown children, and we are members of Cambridge Presbyterian Church where Andrew serves a deacon. A couple of years ago, a dear elderly family friend died. Having never married, she left most of her estate to charity, and because I love sewing, I received much of her vintage haberdashery and more besides. I thought it would please “Auntie Gwen” if I sold these items for charity. I have long had a heart for the plight of street children around the world, so when we heard a talk at our church about the work of Dwelling Places, our family began to sponsor a child. When I considered which charity to support from my vintage sales, I naturally thought of Dwelling Places. So I opened an online shop on Etsy to sell my vintage items and named it “HildasHomeUK”. Etsy is an international online marketplace for selling handmade, vintage, and craft supplies. I find online selling fits in conveniently with my life; I can add items to my shop whenever I have time. It’s fun to clean up a vintage item, photograph it, and then have the pleasure of selling it and making someone happy. And of course, every sale helps to make a difference to the lives of street children. In the last year I have raised £957 which will go towards supporting the staff in Dwelling Places Uganda. If you would like to support my shop, then do visit it at Etsy users can “favourite” my shop to receive updates. You can also follow me on Instagram @HildasHomeUK and on my Facebook page HildasHomeUK One day Auntie Gwen’s items will all be sold, so I have now started to source other vintage items from friends, relatives, and charity shops. If you have any vintage items that you would like to donate to this cause, I would love to hear from you at: or text to 07804226945.


Wedding Bells!

Congratulations and a massive thank you to the beautiful Mr and Mrs MacKay!

For their wedding gifts they kindly asked guests to give a donation to Dwelling Places, as a result we received over £750!

We hope you had a wonderful day, all the best!