Being a beneficiary of Dwelling Places has changed my life. I didn’t have an easy childhood, but now I’m an educated young woman, I rent my own home and I have a job in Administration all because Dwelling Places believed in me.
— Beatrice, 24


One-off donations

If you'd like to give a one-off donation, the specific projects/needs we require funding for are:

Staff salaries within Uganda and the UK, or the International Day for Street Children. 

You can also give a general one-off donation, which will be used wherever the need is greatest.

General Donations
DONATE: Pack A Bag 2018
DONATE: Uganda Staff salaries
DONATE: UK staff salaries

Please note that Dwelling Places holds your privacy in the highest possible regard, Any persona data we hold is processed and stored in adherence to EU regulations. You can view our data protection and privacy policy here


Child Sponsorship Programme

Education: £15 /$30/  75k UGX                                       MEDICAL AND SOCIAL WELFARE: £12 /$25 / 65K UGX

HOUSING: £12 /$25 / 65K UGX                                            FOOD:£12 /$25 / 65K UGX

If you would like to invest in the future of a child, then monthly child sponsorship is for you! By sponsoring one of our children, you can help break the cycle of poverty and offer them opportunities which they otherwise might not have had. Sponsorship can make a real and lasting difference to the life of a child, and yours!

The programme is divided into the 4 categories, as seen above. Each category represents a basic human right; the right to a good education, to live in a safe and nurturing home, to have food to eat each day and have medical care available. You can choose to sponsor one one or more categories. Please note that not every child will fall into all 4 categories, and each child has only one sponsor per category. 10% of your sponsorship is used at Dwelling Places for essential administrative purposes.

What does sponsorship provide?

Children at Dwelling Places are introduced into the Sponsorship Programme once they have been resettled with family, relatives or with a foster family. Your sponsorship provides the opportunity for a child to develop academically, socially, physically and spiritually. The child has access to Dwelling Places' services and is visited by Social Workers who monitor the child's progress.

What can you expect as a sponsor?

As a new sponsor we will send you an information card with a photo and background story of the child you have been allocated to. You will also receive a Welcome Pack with all the necessary information and FAQs about sponsorship. We encourage children to write a letter to their sponsors twice a year. If for some reason a child is not able to write, you will receive an update from the child's Social Worker. You can also send them letters, photos or small gifts. We will provide you with updates throughout the year if the child's status changes for any reason, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Interested? Get in touch!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact Grace Nakabiri on

Or if you are based in the UK, please contact Saffron Ahmed at Dwelling Places UK on

Regular Giving

We also have other areas of Dwelling Places and Dwelling Places UK that you can commit to supporting on a regular basis.  These include: staff salaries, the Transitional Rehabilitation Homes, our general Education fund (to top up school fees for any children who don't yet have a sponsor), the Further and Higher Education Scholarship Fund (for young adults in vocational and university education), as well as a general fund (used wherever the need is greatest).

For those in the UK who are interested in regular giving, please contact Debs Craig at Dwelling Places UK on


Give As You Live

If you live in the UK and use the internet for shopping - groceries, holidays, booking flights, buying clothes - then please support Dwelling Places by using Give As You Live. It's 100% free for you! Retailers will donate a percentage of everything you spend directly to us.

It's quick and easy to use, with over 4000 stores now signed-up to donate. Simply register and install on your browser and every time you shop you'll see the little Give As you Live logo telling you how much the retailer will donate when you purchase. Raising money for free, excellent.

You can also use EveryClick as your search engine or create your own fundraising page to raise money for Dwelling Places.  Find out more information about that here.


Good Shop

For those living in USA, you can shop through Good Shop or use Good Search as your search engine.  Select 'Dwelling Places LifeChange Uganda' as your chosen charity.

Pay pal

We know that some of our supporters prefer to donate through Pay Pal.  You can do that here: