There are over 100 million street children ACROSS the world who go to sleep each night with no place to call home. Over 10 000 of these precious children are found in Uganda.

This is not right. It is not acceptable. It cannot continue.

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Dwelling Places is working to change these shocking statistics for good. We support the International Day for Street children on 12th April every year. We are always standing with street connected children. Will you join us?


We partner with the Consortium for Street Children (CSC), as one of their network members, to celebrate and promote the International Day for Street Children (IDSC). Marked on the 12th April every year, IDSC celebrates the lives of vulnerable children and recognises the projects they are part of.  This day of advocacy and solidarity is a chance for the millions of street children around the world, and their champions, to speak out so that their voices are heard and their rights cannot be ignored.

In 2017, the CSC celebrated a landmark victory for street connected children around the world – the release of the UN General Comment on Children in Street Situations. This ground breaking legislation is the world’s first piece of authoritative guidance on street connected children. For IDSC 2018 they are calling upon governments around the world to ‘Turn Words into Reality’ by taking the necessary steps to implement the general comment. The General Comment is a powerful tool for change, and if implemented fully would unequivocally mean that the dream of equality for street connected children would become a reality. The CSC have broken down the lengthy provisions in the general comment into 4 easy steps:

1.    Commit to equality – Recognise that street-connected children have the same rights as everyone else and reflect this in the law.

2.    Protect every child- protect street-connected children from violence and abuse and ensure children have access to justice when they are harmed.

3.    Provide access to services- Enable access to the same essential services as every oter child, such as hospitals and schools, so they can reach their potential

4.    Create new solutions- Deliver specialized services ad opportunities that tune into the unique challenges of life for street-connected children.


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Just £3 - the price of a cup of coffee - could send a child in Karamoja to school for an entire year.


This year, to mark the IDSC we are asking our supporters to stand with street connected children worldwide by hosting a coffee morning for Dwelling Places. Could you host an event? If you are interested then get in touch by emailing We have a resource pack filled with lots of things to make hosting your event easier. All funds raised will go towards ensuring the former street connected children Dwelling Places works with are able to access education and fulfill their potential.

If you are unable to host an event, will you consider donating to our IDSC 2018 appeal towards Dwelling Places' Education fund? 


At  DPUK we want to do all we can to resource and equip our supporters mark and promote this important day.

We have produced a series of awareness raising kits for a range of ages; 5-7, 7-9, 10-12 & 12-18, as well as an A4 poster. These are designed for use in schools, church groups and even at home. They provide a wealth of background information on IDSC, street children and the work of Dwelling Places. Could you make use of these in your school, church or community group? We need the help of our supporters to get this information out there! They are all available for download on the resources section of our website. 


We are #AlwaysStanding for Street Connected children. Will you join us?