Journey of Hope


Journey of Hope is a campaign that runs every 2 years as a way to raise awareness of the crazy journey many street children take to find a ‘better’ life in the capital.

Hundreds of children walk 290 miles on horrendous terrain, in a hard climate and usually alone to reach the streets of Kampala to then be greeted with worse conditions than they were in. Begging on the streets, no safe place to sleep, little food and water.

We hope this walk educates many on the realities of street connected children and how we can help them where they are before this journey happens.


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A group of people will be walking the 290 miles from Kampala to Karamoja, the main district in which street children come from, in a bid to reverse the flow of children heading to the city for work. This will be over 18 days, from the 1st of July and finishing on the 18th, showing just how hard this journey is!

All money from this campaign will go towards establishing a good secondary school in the community of Lamaroit, Napak District, Karamoja so the children there can have access to education and help stop the flow of children travelling to Kampala in search of something ‘better’.

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Journey of Hope