Journey of Hope


In 2015, a new brand; “JOURNEY OF HOPE” was created by Dwelling Places to spread the message of HOPE to the Karamojong community and to document and celebrate every step achieved in the JOURNEY towards attaining the future hoped for.

This gave birth to the #SchoolsNotStreets campaign, a new initiative to prevent children’s out-migration from their communities onto the streets of urban areas within Uganda. Over the years we have worked tirelessly to try to ensure that the children we resettle do not come back to the streets.  Out of the 200 children enrolled in school, at least 84.5% have continued to remain in school and in their communities (as at Oct 2016). We have tried and tested, with proof that when you put a child in school, they do not come back to the street. It’s possible to keep children off the streets by giving them education; hence the #SchoolsNotStreets campaign.

Journey of Hope "the walk" Part II is here!! Walk for fun, walk for hope.

We start on the 31st July, and will be walking until the 18th August 2017 from Nansana, Kampala to Iriiri, Karamoja.  Will you join us?

You can download a sign-up form here and an information pack here

You can also keep up to date with everything that's happening with Journey of Hope on our blog!