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We believe strongly that education is the best chance to equal opportunities for vulnerable children and so we dedicate ourselves to seeing that they stay in school by providing all they require to do so. 

Help send a child back to school by donating 45000 UGX (Uganda), $12 (USA), £10 (UK). This covers all the requirements the school asks of a child for them to even just be allowed into the school premises such as;  a dozen books, a ream of paper, sanitary towels for girls, toilet rolls, mathematical set, pens & pencils, as well as transport to and from school

Our target is to raise requirements for 535 children by the end of August. Will you help us ensure these children are able to stay in school and not be forced to return to life on the streets? Please consider donating by clicking on the button below*.

*Please note that the contents of the bag may vary depending on the needs of the child and availability of items.

Pack A Bag Donation

PackABag Advocates

Could you be a PackABag advocate? We need the help of our supporters to spread this message as wide as possible. Could you promote PackABag to the people in your world? Download a poster and sponsorship form and see how many people you can rally to support PackABag 2017. Get in touch at if you would like any more infomation.



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