As an NGO (Non Government Organisation) we follow the below strategies within our work to ensure we are meeting our targets and keeping in line with our vision, which is not to rest until every child has a chest to rest his head on and a place to call home.


1. Rescue: We conduct a variety of activities to build relationships and rescue vulnerable children;

2. Rehabilitation: We offer temporary accommodation, food, catch-up education, medical care, counselling, emotional and spiritual nourishment for the child;

3. Reconciliation: We work to ensure every child finds a safe and loving environment to call home;

4. Resettlement: This allows us to completely achieve our vision for the child – to have a place to call home;

5. Family Empowerment: We work with the resettled children and their families to ensure sustainability after resettlement;

6. Advocacy: We organize/ partner with other CSOs and Private Sector in organized media and public awareness campaigns against child abuse, exploitation, trafficking and unsafe movement.



We fulfil our strategies through two programs at Dwelling Places: 'Restore' and 'Rebuild'.

The ‘Restore’ program is dedicated to rescuing children living on the streets and rehabilitating them through healthcare, education, spiritual welfare and reconciliation with their families. Our 'Child Protection Team' work tirelessly to ensure the children are cared for correctly. 

The ‘Rebuild’ program is dedicated to helping families welcome their children back into the home and to enable these parents and alumni to develop and enjoy a sustainable way of life after leaving Dwelling Places, through income generating activities, education or vocational study. The families are regularly followed up and linked to community based social networks to enhance sustainable resettlement.

We currently operate two homes, one for girls and under 5’s and the second for boys. At Dwelling Places the homes are known as the 'TRH' which is short for Transitional Rehabilitation Home. At the TRH the children are cared for by a house mother and they attend school on site. Both homes have a resident nurse who cares for the children’s basic needs and gives advice on health and hygiene matters. At the Boys TRH, in Buloba, we have a farm which provides food for the children and training in livestock and farming for the boys. Click here for more information on our sustainability efforts.