Our Vision

The 4 R’s


1. Rescue: We conduct a variety of activities to build relationships and rescue vulnerable children;

2. Rehabilitation: We offer temporary accommodation, food, catch-up education, medical care, counselling, and emotional and spiritual nourishment for each child;

3. Reconciliation: We seek to find any family member that the child might be able to live with, or find a loving foster home for them.

4. Resettlement: We help the child and the wider family settle into their new home environment, and provide any necessary support through training or sponsorship.

After we have resettled the children we use our vision for family empowerment to work with those new families to be self sufficient and check in on how they are doing. This may look like counseling, helping the parents grow a business or begin an IGA (income generating activity) such as farming.

We are constantly looking at new ways to grow awareness and funds, partnering with other NGOs and businesses with the same goals and also look to make sure what we do is sustainable. We do this by putting children back in families to open up spaces in our homes and also by running our own farm and market.

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