Dwell Plus

Dwell+ is the sustainability arm of Dwelling Places, established to reduce Dwelling Places' level of dependence on donors through developing sustainable and self-sufficient income-generating projects. There were three main projects under Dwell+ in 2015; Paperchain Jewellery, Market Square and Buloba Farm.



Paperchain Jewellery:

Paperchain Jewellery was founded in 2013 by 2 volunteers who wanted to support Dwelling Places' work and provide jobs for local ladies. 8 mothers of former street children were mobilized and trained to make paper bead jewellery that are exported to UK and sold. 100% of the  profits were sent back to support the rescue of street children. Ms. Paula Nalwadda leads in Bible sharing for the group every Monday. Visit the Paperchain website to buy jewellery and support Dwelling Places.

Market Square

The vision for the ownership of this square was to create a market area where our youths could learn skills, sell their wares and work together to make a living from the local community. The space rented was marked to bring income into Dwelling Places to supplement the costs of running the NGO.

Buloba Farm

The Dwelling Places farm is situated in Buloba, approximately 30 minutes from the Head Office. There are 10 acres in total, with 7 dedicated to farming crops; the other land is now used for a boys’ home, classrooms and a piggery project.